Cajun Men Cook // Beau Brooks

Rachel Klaus, co-features editor Bayou Region cooking isn’t just unique in flavor, but also who is stirring the pot. Unlike in many cultures where women do the majority of the cooking, Cajun men are often the ones who take the reigns in the kitchen. And that’s something Thibodaux-native Beau Brooks takes pride in. Brooks, an […]

Offshore Work // Families at Home

by Rachel Klaus, co-features editor The stories of work off-shore in the oil and gas industry in South Louisiana are often told— long, often dangerous stints away from home; but those lesser known are of the families who stay at home and support them. For Heather Stevens of Thibodaux, the holidays can be tough, especially […]

Working for Health // Colonel Nutrition

by Taylor Gautreaux, co-features editor No one in the Bayou Region is working to inspire community members to live a healthier lifestyle quite like Colonel Nutrition. Vinson Towns opened the smoothie and vitamin supplement shop, located at 1008 Canal Boulevard in Thibodaux, in late 2009. Vinson’s interest in nutrition and fitness developed after the passing […]

Fueling Life // Gaubert & Waguespack oil

by Taylor Gautreaux, co-features editor The Bayou Region’s oil and gas industry dominates life in South Louisiana. From the local infrastructure to the job market, our communities are largely dependent upon the activities of this industry. “If you go to the town of Houma now and you know what it used to look like, it’s […]

Blending Cultures // Bypass Fiesta Grill

by Taylor Gautreaux, co-features editor Homemade dresses and sombreros line the walls. An alligator head rests on top of a drink cooler. While these items might not seem to go together naturally, they do at the Bypass Fiesta Grill, a Mexican restaurant whose owners bring their Central Mexican heritage with their adopted Cajun culture — […]

Sugar // A Way of Life

by Rachel Klaus, Co-Features Editor To many, sugar is just a sweet and tasty treat. But to some, like those in South Louisiana, sugar is a way of life. For Lester Gravois, 95 of Thibodaux, he has been farming sugarcane since 1937. He started growing sugar with his father, Charles, and now works with his […]

From the Ground Up // Work in the Bayou Region

by Taylor Gautreaux, Co-Features Editor Workers in the Bayou Region of Louisiana can be described with one word: innovative. “When people say Cajun ingenuity, it’s truly a thing that people don’t quite understand,” says Cody Blanchard, chairman of the Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce. “It means that we find solutions for things. For example, we are […]