by Karly Taranto, staff writer Grand Isle is home to about 1,460 people, many of whom are still recovering from Hurricane Ida’s devastation. It is also a second home for many camp owners, some of whom say they are debating whether to rebuild or demolish. “We had about $80,000 in wind insurance, but rebuilding would […]

Aid to Help Island Recovery

By Karly Taranto, staff writer The Recovery from Hurricane Ida’s devastation has been ongoing since the day after landfall for the Islanders. There has been an abundance of helping hands from different groups across the state. The Bayou Community Foundation (BCF) began awarding assistance grants in October 2021, so far totaling $4,365,918 in aid relief. […]

Insurance Challenges

By Jonathan Eastwood, features editor Many Grand Isle residents that survived Hurricane Ida are now faced with rebuilding damaged houses and camps. But, for some, insurance is not paying enough to cover the cost of damages, leading them to take legal action. “I used to live at our camp, and it was a beautiful camp,” […]

Island Industry

By Alaina Pitre, staff writer Grand Isle, Louisiana, is home to several industries including oil, seafood and fishing, tourism and several types of recreation like surfing and birding. Over time, natural and historical factors have caused significant shifts in these industries. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, fishing and seafood are two prominent industries on […]

The People

by Jonathan Eastwood, features editor When hearing about people from another area or culture, it can be easy to forget that they are regular, ordinary humans. The people of Grand Isle form a strong, close-knit community. They work, play, and live together on the island. The residents know each other and are friendly to visitors. […]

Island Recreation

By Cayden Stump, staff writer Tournament fishing in Grand Isle draws people from all over the country. The island is even home to what one resident refers to as “the Superbowl of sport fishing” – the Louisiana Gulf Coast Billfish Classic. In Louisiana, fishing tournaments are often called rodeos. These range from small family-oriented events […]

Our Lady of the Isle

By Paul Gagneaux, staff writer Grand Isle residents say it is faith in the Lord despite continued challenges that keeps Our Lady of the Isle’s church community strong. However, Hurricane Ida left many members indefinitely displaced, leaving a lasting impact on this community of faith. “It’s sad to say that there are people who can’t […]

An Island Education

By JOnathan Eastwood, features editor As the island’s only school, Grand Isle School serves not only to educate its students, but also as an example of the community’s deep-rooted culture and traditions. “Grand Isle School is so much [a] part of the community that it’s almost seamless,” says Principal Christine Templet. “Grand Isle School is […]

Island Weddings

By VIctoria Savoy, photo editor Beaches have always been a popular destination for weddings, and Grand Isle’s beaches are no different. Many couples choose to have their weddings in Grand Isle because of their deep-rooted connections to the island. “The actual wedding was like out of a book,” Trahan says. “The sun was perfect, the […]

Island Visitors

By Alexis Casnave, staff writer Grand Isle has been a vacationer’s choice for years. While the island is still recovering after Hurricane Ida, the local businesses are eager for vacationers to return. “We have a lot of people calling and they’re wanting to come back,” says Louise Lafont, head of Grand Isle’s tourist center. Though […]