St. Joseph Manor // A Place Where History Speaks

ST. JOSEPH MANOR is a peaceful place. A place where seniors can live in comfortable apartments, have meals prepared, socialize when they like and even impress their neighbors with festive door decorations.Celebrating its 20th anniversary this month, the retirement community is so popular they are currently expanding the original 56-unit complex to include more apartments […]

Clyde // Electricity at Yale University

by Tanika Burlingame, Public Relations Director/Features Editor Electricity was in Clyde Naquin’s blood. His dad was an electrician. His dad’s dad was an electrician. It was a family legacy. So when he joined the Army Air Force in his early 20s, he was sent to teach cadets at Yale University how to make metal vacuums […]

“Pops” // A Life of Love and Flight

by Heidi Ohmer, Web Editor Ferol M. Langlois introduced himself with a firm handshake. “Call me Pops. If you ask for me by my first name, no one will know who you’re asking for.” Pops was born March 15, 1923, in Kenner, Louisiana, but moved to Destrehan when he was five years old. His house was […]

Hiram // Hard Work Makes the News

by Harmony Hamilton, Managing Editor Life could be hard in the 1930s and 1940s. One of five children raised by a single mother, Hiram Torres didn’t always have things come easily, so that just meant he worked harder. He worked hard at being a paper boy and then in circulation and all the way up to a […]

Rosalie // A Life Travelled Q & A

by Tanika Burlingame, Public Relations Director/Features Editor Just a few quick questions with Rosalie Willett, an Oregon native who followed the sugar to Louisiana. Born in Oregon in 1923, this trained school teacher and her husband lived in Hawaii, Puerto Rico and eventually Louisiana where he helped develop the machinery to grow and harvest sugar cane. Hobbies […]