Pain Perdu

Pain Perdu Elda “Sis” Rousseau Guillot’s recipe for “lost bread,” or French toast. INGREDIENTS 1 egg 2 tsp sugar 2 slices stale bread Prep 1 beat 1 egg with 2 teaspoons of sugar take 1 slice of stale bread and coat in the mixture makes 2 slices Cook 2 Put in a skillet with a […]

Ellen Aucoin Grisaffe

Ellen Aucoin Grisaffe Current Hometown: Baton Rouge Grisaffe was born and raised in Grand Bayou. She left when she married at 19. Favorite Thing to Do I enjoyed walking the lane to my grandmother’s house. There were houses along that lane in front of my mother’s house and that lane separated us from the bayou. […]

Katherine LeBlanc Landry’s Kitchen

Katherine LeBlanc Landry was born in September 1946 in Grand Bayou to Icy “Nice” Rousseau LeBlanc and Murphy “Pote” LeBlanc. She married Lee James Landry and had three children and 10 grandchildren — creating lasting memories with her meals. When Katherine died in 2018, her granddaughter Chelsie Dinino put together a cookbook with all of […]

Living On // Traditions

By Wes Rhodes, Staff Writer People who grew up living in Grand Bayou say it will always have a special place in their hearts. While the small community is no longer habitable for residents, the people of Grand Bayou left behind traditions that still keep the spirit of Grand Bayou alive today. An early Grand […]

Still Battling // Salt Dome Legal Case

By Emilee Theriot, Staff Writer On August 3, 2012, a sinkhole developed near the Napoleonville salt dome in Assumption Parish. After the sinkhole emerged, various parties filed lawsuits. Now, with the 8th anniversary of the Napoleonville salt dome sinkhole approaching, the legal battle is not done. “In all of my years working at the First […]

Passin’ A Good Time // Entertainment

By Shaun Breaux, Features Editor When the people of Grand Bayou were not playing or swimming in the bayou, they would often have big neighborhood visits. While there wasn’t anything fancy to do in Grand Bayou, residents say they would find their own entertainment. “Whether it was playing cards or other games or just watching […]