Tracy Scioneaux-Gaudet

Current Hometown: Brusly St. Martin Scioneaux-Gaudet was born and raised in Grand Bayou. She lived there until 2006 when she was forced to leave and built a home 5 miles down the road. Favorite Thing to Do We had so many good childhood memories, my father was a sugarcane farmer. I’m the youngest of seven […]

Nicki Lirette Boudreaux

Current Hometown: Thibodaux Boudreaux’s mother was born in Grand Bayou and she visited extended family on weekends. Favorite Thing to Do & Favorite Memory I grew up in Paincourtville, about 5 miles away, but my grandmother lived in Grand Bayou my whole life, and I would go there on the weekends. I was a lot […]

David Rousseau

Current Hometown: Plattenville Favorite Thing to Do Hunt and fish. Favorite Memory The close knit communities and family lifestyle. Most Missed I miss being so close to the outdoors. Grand Bayou Traditions I’m still best friends with my childhood friend, and we still have breakfast on the weekends near Grand Bayou. I’m still best friends […]

Jason Blanchard

Current Hometown: Houma Favorite Thing to Do Anything having to do with outside; shooting my pellet gun, crawfishing, playing in the woods. Favorite Memory Watching my grandfather work under an oak tree, washing cars, fixing a lawn mower, building a BBQ pit. All this was done on a Saturday morning. Most Missed I miss the […]

Jerry Rousseau

Current Hometown: Paincourtville Rousseau was born in Grand Bayou and lived there for 19 years. Favorite Thing to Do Fish, hunt and swim. Favorite Memory It was a quiet, family-oriented place where you didn’t even have to lock your doors. No one would ever bother you or ever try to steal from you. Most Missed […]

Joy Rousseau Banta

Current Hometown: Paincourtville Favorite Thing to Do Ride in a boat and fish. Favorite Memory My house was the go-to house, and my family had a shed that my friends and I would play in all day; as well as riding in a boat and fishing by rowboat. Most Missed I miss the community and […]

Randy “Wop” Rousseau

Current Hometown: Belle River Rousseau was born in Grand Bayou. He moved away at 19, but moved back in 1991 and lived there until he was permanently evacuated in 2011. Favorite Thing to Do Being in the bayous before the alligators — there’s a lot of alligators in the water now that they didn’t have […]

Nell Aucoin Naquin

Current Hometown: New Orleans Naquin lived in Grand Bayou until she graduated from Nicholls and got married. Favorite Thing to Do There was a lady everyone called Aunt Lou, but she wasn’t everybody’s aunt. She would always manage to find stuff for the kids to do. My favorite thing to do in Grand Bayou was […]

Jessica Rousseau Baye

Current Hometown: Labadieville Baye lived in Grand Bayou her whole life until she got married at 23. Favorite Thing to Do Playing with the other kids in the summer, whether we were playing baseball in the front yard or swimming in the bayou. Favorite Memory Learning how to swim in the bayou. Once we learned […]

Heidi Rousseau Mattingly

Current Hometown: Napoleonville Favorite Thing to Do I loved to sing and swing all day long. Favorite Memory Every morning my grandmother would watch me, and my sisters get on the bus and would be waiting on us when we got off the bus. Most Missed I miss the memories of Grand Bayou — riding […]