Ellen Aucoin Grisaffe

Ellen Aucoin Grisaffe Current Hometown: Baton Rouge Grisaffe was born and raised in Grand Bayou. She left when she married at 19. Favorite Thing to Do I enjoyed walking the lane to my grandmother’s house. There were houses along that lane in front of my mother’s house and that lane separated us from the bayou. […]

Grant Gautreaux

Current Hometown: Thibodaux Gautreaux was born in Grand Bayou, but moved with his parents to Pierre Part when he was 6 years old. His younger brother was the last child born in Grand Bayou. Favorite Thing to Do I just liked to play outside. We had a big tree. We had a tree that got […]

Betty Crochet Breland

Current Hometown: Belle Chasse While Breland was born in Grand Bayou in 1938, her family moved away when she was an infant. But she visited her grandmother in Grand Bayou frequently. Favorite Thing to Do Get on my grandmother’s porch with my crawfish net and catch crawfish off of the porch during high water. Favorite […]

Clarence “Bud” Rousseau

Current Hometown: Thibodaux Rousseau grew up in Grand Bayou with his family on the same property as his grandfather and extended family. His grandfather was a moss picker and he traded his land on Bayou Corn for the land on Grand Bayou to be closer to his job at the moss gin. Favorite Thing to […]

David Schexnaydre

Current Hometown: Prairieville Schexnaydre’s mother was from Grand Bayou and he visited almost every weekend. Favorite Thing to Do Just go visit all my kin people and play out in the country. Favorite Memory Chatting with all my uncles cause they were some characters. And probably one of the funniest things was always chatting with […]

Donna Booty

Current Hometown: Plattenville Booty, whose mother grew up in Grand Bayou, was the first grandchild of the Dupre family that owned the grocery store by the bridge. Favorite Thing to Do I used to love to go to the store. The house was right next to the store. We were always in the store visiting. […]

Greg Leblanc

Current Hometown: Pierre Part Leblanc is from Grand Bayou and, as he says, “In fact I never really left Grand Bayou you could say because my mother and father still lived there until they were displaced.” Favorite Thing to Do All my life was hunting and fishing. I’ve always been there, I’ve always hunted and […]

Joey Dupre

Current Hometown: Belle Rose Dupre grew up in Grand Bayou and lived there for more than 20 yeras. Favorite Thing to Do Probably fishing because the bayou was 100 foot from our house. We had that, and we had a little pond, which was a 200-300 yard walk from there, so we fished a lot […]

Judy Rousseau Clark

Current Hometown: Labadieville Clark grew up in Grand Bayou and lived there until she was 19 years old. Favorite Thing to Do My favorite thing to do was swimming with friends in the bayou. Favorite Memory Swimming in Grand Bayou with friends and family. Most Missed I miss the closeness of the community. Grand Bayou […]

June Dupre Bouchereau

Current Hometown: Donaldsonville Bouchereau was raised in Grand Bayou and lived there until she was 20 years old. Favorite Thing to Do Having all the age group of you know…. within say 5-10 years, lower and higher to have all those friends and relatives to play with and spend time with. So if you bottled […]