Foods and Influences

By Robbie Trosclair, staff writer For the United Houma Nation, food starts with traditional crops like corn, squash and beans — a trio known as the three sisters because of the way they sustain each other and the soil while growing together. Monique Trahan, a UHN member, believes the food they grow is important to […]

The Musical Backdrop

By Jade Williams, features editor For the United Houma Nation, music represents history. The songs of the tribe are about the lands and the waters. They are also about tribal leaders who were here long ago. “Some of the songs we sing are about the culture and about some of the stuff my people went […]

Traditions Connect to Past

By Brendan Landry, staff writer The southernmost part of Louisiana is home to some of the most diverse people and traditions in the state. One group with many rich traditions is the United Houma Nation. The United Houma Nation is unique in many ways, from the songs they sing to the clothing they wear. The […]

Kasha Lacoban Clay

Houma, LOuisiana United Houma Nation Favorite Traditions “I would say community in general. There’s many assets of our community so I have and it all kind of links together at some point or another, but I have elders that I speak with, and even communicate with, and it’s on different levels. But sometimes I’ll be […]

The Challenge of Getting an Education

By hannah orgeron, staff writer Getting an education was challenging and complicated for the members of the United Houma Nation. “We weren’t treated right when I was growing up,” says Jeanette Billiot, a citizen of the United Houma Nation. “We were treated like outcasts.” Instead of being allowed to attend the parish’s main schools, the […]

An Unspoken Language

By Madeleine Bauland, Staff Writer Language affects relationships and how people communicate. For the Houma, their language brings people closer together and strengthens tribal community ties. It is one of the biggest parts of their culture. The language of the Houmas, Uma, is part of the Western Muskogean family of languages and was unwritten. Since […]

The Houma’s Migration

Family in a thatch palmetto camp. The Indigenous people of the delta House found near the New Orleans area. The Houma stayed alongside waterways while migrating for fertile soil and as a source of transportation. Houma Village in Baton Rouge 1699 Timeline of migration and first contact with western explorers. Image by Michael Dardar showing […]

The Houma People

By Jade Williams, features editor The native peoples who lived in North America are varied and plentiful. Just in Louisiana, tribes like the Chitimacha, Coushatta, Jena Band Choctaw were the first to make this land home. These tribes have an enormous amount of history. The tribe that eventually settled in the Bayou Region is the […]

Janie Verret Luster

Dularge, LOuisiana United Houma Nation Favorite Tradition Basket weaving, and working with Indian education Being UHN It means a lot to be able to share our history with others in the community.

The Lost Bayou: The United Houma Nation

By Jade Williams & Addie Wetzel, Features Editor & Managing Editor Before gumbo, Zydeco and the multicultural influences that shaped today’s modern South Louisiana culture, the people of the United Houma Nation inhabited this land and nearby regions. One of the many native peoples, their rich culture influenced many aspects of the bayou region today. […]