Tribal Government

By hannah orgeron, staff writer Within the United Houma Nation, a system of government has been created. This system is not only important to keep the peace between the people, but it acts as representation for the citizens when they cannot fight by themselves. This system includes the chief, who is currently August “Cocoa” Creppel. […]

The Challenge of Getting an Education

By hannah orgeron, staff writer Getting an education was challenging and complicated for the members of the United Houma Nation. “We weren’t treated right when I was growing up,” says Jeanette Billiot, a citizen of the United Houma Nation. “We were treated like outcasts.” Instead of being allowed to attend the parish’s main schools, the […]

An Unspoken Language

By Madeleine Bauland, Staff Writer Language affects relationships and how people communicate. For the Houma, their language brings people closer together and strengthens tribal community ties. It is one of the biggest parts of their culture. The language of the Houmas, Uma, is part of the Western Muskogean family of languages and was unwritten. Since […]