Rogers George

Hometown: Thibodaux, Louisiana

Connection to the Circuit
“I learned how to play the drums at Hosea’s Place starting when I was 16. My brothers played there more because they were older than me, and I learned how to play drums from them. My dad was the fire chief at the time and put out a fire for Hosea’s night club, and that is how we met Hosea. We had a ‘white club’ called the College Inn which was not too far from Hosea’s. Tina Turner used to play there.”
How has the Circuit impacted your love for music?
“I didn’t play for Hosea as much as my older brother did. When I went in there, I was practicing with the drummer. He was showing me how to play, because I was younger. I learned how to play drums because of the Circuit.”

Tina Turner

favorite artist