Lisa Martin

Hometown: West 214th Street, Galliano, Louisiana

Connection to the Circuit
Ms. Lisa Martin is the daughter of Leroy Martin who was a friend of Sugar Bowl owner Hosea Hill. A prominent disc jockey and musician in his own right, he broke racist segregation laws to enjoy the blues music and black artists of the Chitlin’ Circuit.
How Did Your Dad’s Love for Music Impact Your Life?
“We had a band–I was probably three or four years old–it was called the Mod Martins. My mom made our costumes. My brother came out to sing, my other brother came out, and then there I was–little three or four year old–coming out to sing. We would perform at telethons or any kind of volunteer event. Entertainment was a very important part of our lives, and my dad passed that down to us. I ended up being drum major and my brother played guitar and was involved in theater.”

Louis Armstrong

favorite artist

"What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

favorite song