What does Chu-Chut mean?

By Torri Sepulvado, Special Sections Editor What it is??? A Chu-Chut is a thing. What thing you might wonder? It’s anything you want it to be. A Chu-Chut is the thing that you can’t remember the name of in the middle of a conversation. It is a southern Louisiana saying that, as a transplant, I have […]

Creole and Cajun . . . What’s the Difference?

By Torri Sepulvado, Special Sections Editor Creole and Cajun are sometime used interchangeably, but in reality the words refer to two separate groups of people. Creoles are descendants from the upper-class French and Spanish colonists that came from Europe. The word Creole eventually included slaves born in the colonies and free people of color. Cajuns […]

The Rougarou

Torri Sepulvado, Special Sections Editor The Swamp Monster The Rougarou is South Louisiana’s own swamp monster. It is a common folktale parents use to keep children from crawling out of their beds at night and causing mischief. According to Brian Head, a Cajun from Berwick, the Rougarou “looks like a half wolf man with big […]

Punishment Now and Then

by Harmony Hamilton, Managing Editor Hiram Torres, born in 1930 with a twin brother and the father of five, gives his thoughts on spanking and the way kids are being brought up in this generation. “I got many spankings coming up, but it didn’t hurt me…not enough to where I got bruised or abused, but I […]

Southern Sayings

by Torri Sepulvado, Special Sections Editor “Aldnfgtgskf jskdyybfk kfuhbdl!” Gibberish is what I sometimes heard when I first moved to South Louisiana from North Louisiana — Shreveport to be exact. The accents and words are so varied in that for a newcomer it’s almost impossible to understand. Slowly but surely I learned that dinner meant […]