Bowling in the Bayou Region

Kelby Toups staff In South Louisiana, bowling alleys created big communities that enjoy the sport both for casual and competitive players. However, with the decline in demand for these bowling alleys, there aren’t many locations left to enjoy.  Creole Lanes is the only surviving bowling alley in the Houma-Thibodaux area. Located in Houma, Louisiana, Creole […]

Bowl South

Kelby Toups staff Bowl South of Louisiana was one of the few bowling alleys located in Houma from 1992 until the damage from Hurricane Ida in 2021 forced it to close. “It did not just tear apart the building, it also took away something that meant the most to the community,” says former Bowl South […]

Water Activities

Alayna Yarwood staff Going for a swim or spending the day at the lake was a classic summer activity for youth who grew up in the heat of South Louisiana.  Areas like Fourchon Beach, Lake Salvador, Elmer’s Island and Grand Isle were regular spots in South Louisiana for young adults and teens to visit during […]


Zoe Hebert staff In 1984, Bayouland YMCA was opened in Houma as a community fitness center. Bayouland YMCA offers many facilities to their customers such as an aerobics center, fitness center, gym, outdoor field, pool, sauna, weight room, whirlpool, playground, and a youth gym.  “My wife and kids are always stoked to go swimming at […]

Roller Skating Overview

Jordyn Voisin features editor Roller skating became a popular pastime across the United States in the 1880s and made its way to South Louisiana in 1869 when the first rink opened in New Orleans.  Since then, multiple rinks have come and gone along Southeast Louisiana, including Aggies Skate Connection in Houma, Wheels R Rollin in […]

College Life

Delaney Ligori Staff Nicholls State University’s The Nicholls Worth has been reporting on campus-wide affairs since 1948, giving a glimpse into the lost and changing culture of the Bayou Region’s only university. “Everything we needed to know was in the Nicholls Worth, we looked forward to reading it every week,” says Warren Young, Nicholls alumni […]

Aggie’s Skate Connection

Zoe Hebert Staff While many skating rinks in the Bayou Region have closed, Aggie’s Skate Connection in Houma is still going strong, celebrating their 25th anniversary March 7. “I love watching my customers smile, laugh, and truly enjoy themselves,” says current owner Tish Aguillard, who has managed Aggie’s since 1998. “I try to play all […]

Plaquemine Pop-Up

Victoria Davis- Abad Staff The Plaquemine Skating Rink, also called the Plaquemine Pop-Up, opened in 1953 and closed in the late 1970s to early 1980s. The wooden floor rink was in an off-the-ground, temporary tent that was set up as soon as school closed for summer. The skating rink even sparked a Facebook group with […]