Service // In the Military

Ronald Paul Schexnydre Soldiers Boze Crochet Marine Corps training, early 1950s Clelie Hebert US Army nurse Boze Crochet One of the wild horses Boze caught while doing maneuvers with the Marines on an island near Puerto Rico. Melvin Daigle Melvin Daigle in France Landry Henry LaBarre Like all communities, members of the Grand Bayou community […]

Growing Up // Childhood

JAY CROCHET with his billy goat and cart. STEVE ROUSSEAU LAWRENCE DUPRE Mamere’s brother with his children Wilamenia and Pat. WAYNE AUCOIN CAMILLE REAVIS AND BETTY BRELAND By Devin Griffin, Staff Writer Of all the things that went into living in Grand Bayou, the children that were lucky enough to grow up there knew what […]

Memories // Telling Stories By Chakyra Butler, Staff Writer The people of Grand Bayou say they will always have special memories of the place they once called home, some of these memories being unique to bayou life. Grand Bayou native Nell Aucoin Naquin says one of her greatest memories was when resident Ramona Talbot was bitten by a […]

Passin’ A Good Time // Entertainment

By Shaun Breaux, Features Editor When the people of Grand Bayou were not playing or swimming in the bayou, they would often have big neighborhood visits. While there wasn’t anything fancy to do in Grand Bayou, residents say they would find their own entertainment. “Whether it was playing cards or other games or just watching […]

Talkin’ // Speech in Grand Bayou

Every community has its own way of speaking, from phrases to mannerisms to nicknames. But throw in some French Acadians in a protected rural environment, and the culture is ripe for speech that is hard for outsiders to understand!

The Center of Faith // St. Elizabeth

By Chakyra Butler, Staff Writer In Paincourtville, about five miles away from Grand Bayou, stands a brick, Gothic-style Catholic church with twin towers. St. Elizabeth Church has been the religious center of the area, including Grand Bayou, for more than 100 years. “It is still just so special,” says Jessica Rousseau Baye, a Grand Bayou […]

Work // Making a Living

By Emilee Theriot, Staff Writer Grand Bayou was once the home to a thriving business community including a saw mill, a cotton gin, a broom factory, a moss gin, a country store, a dance hall and a barber shop, according to the Assumption Pioneer and documents written by former resident Hazel Aucoin. Growing up, Aucoin […]

Food // A Family Centerpiece

By Jade Gallaher, Staff Writer Food in Grand Bayou was not only the center of family gatherings but was also a celebration of the land where they lived. “I can remember for years and years, my mom and her sisters would get together every year and would get several sacks of crawfish and make crawfish […]

Education // Bayou Way of Learning

By Shaun Breaux, Features Editor Grand Bayou may not have been the biggest or most developed area, but for the people born and raised in this bayouside community, they made it work not only out of necessity, but because they enjoyed their way of life. “Being five miles away from everything, like the grocery store, […]