Fresh, Local Food // A South Louisiana Movement

by Betsy Davis, Features Editor More and more people are demanding FRESH, LOCAL AND HOMEGROWN GOODS from the communities they live in, and Louisiana is responding. Farmers markets are on the rise, community gardens are sprouting up and businesses are staying true to their southern roots and all of the natural ingredients it has to […]

Pronounce Dat // A Cajun Food Dictionary

by Katie Fletcher, Special Sections Editor THE SOUTH doesn’t get much deeper than the bayous of Louisiana. Along these bayous French meets English to create a language unlike any other. The accents of the people around here are distinct and people talk with their hands as much as their mouths. Things are not always what […]

Poirier Cane Syrup // Sweet Traditions

by Spencer Valdespino, Staff Writer This is a commodity that goes with pancakes, waffles, ice cream and it’s even used for marinades. Actually, the list is endless of what people put it on. From the kitchen of residential Louisiana homes to the fanciest of shelves in chef’s restaurants, CANE SYRUP is essential in the south. […]

St. Francis Vegetable Garden // Feeding the Community

by Claire LeBeouf, Staff Writer When Kimber Ratcliff, Chris Ledet and Nancy Bernard discussed the idea of opening a LOCAL GARDEN, they never expected that two months later they would break ground with the help of Catholic Charities and quickly become one of the most successful charitable organizations in the area. The original St. Francis […]

Dance In The Kitchen ‘Till The Morin Light // Recipes

by Katie Fletcher, Special Sections Editor The kitchens of South Louisiana are blessed with some of the best chefs in the world. The food is just as spicy and diverse as the people who prepare it. It’s southern food with extra flavor, extra calories, and extra love. Everybody’s grandma makes the greatest gumbo, and everybody’s […]

Rienzi Market // Connecting Food and Community

by Andetrie Vicks, Writer & Special Sections Rienzi Market is more than just a place to buy FRESH PRODUCE, it’s a place that gives back — the local bounty — to the COMMUNITY. “There is something special about going to the market and buying fresh food that has been grown by members of the community […]

Lafourche Central Market // A Rural Market

by Andetrie Vicks, Writer & Special Sections With hog headcheese and cracklings, chicken and duck eggs, beef and turkey jerky, arts and crafts, starter plants and more, there is something for everyone at the LAFOURCHE CENTRAL MARKET, where all the items here are fresh, homegrown or made by their vendor with no middleman involved. “The […]