Emma Mille Duperier

Survived 1837 – 1936 Plaquemine, Louisiana Background Zoe Emma Mille was born in Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, Louisiana on October 10, 1837, to sugar planter and French native Pierre Thomas Mille and his wife, Marie Pauline Dupuy. Job/Occupation None. Why On The Island Her family owned a summer cottage and spent summers vacationing at Isle Dernière. […]

Thomas Mille

Died 1800 – 1856 Plaquemine, Louisiana Background Born on January 11, 1800, in Cassis, Bouches-du-Rhône, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France. He married Pauline Dupuy in Saint Gabriel, Louisiana. Job/Occupation Sugar plantation owner. Why On The Island Owned a summer cottage and vacationed at Isle Dernière with his family. Storm Experience Sugar planter Thomas Mille’s slaves fled their […]

Capt. Abraham Smith

Survived 1831 – 1890 Born in Proctorville, Ohio Background Born in 1831 at Quaker Bottom near Proctorville, Ohio. He assisted his father on his farm until he was 17 when he accepted an offer of a captain on a merchant vessel to go to sea. Job/Occupation Captain of the steamer The Star that made a […]


Survived unknown – unknown Plaquemine, Louisiana Background Unknown Job/Occupation A slave of the Thomas Mille family. Why On The Island Came with the Mille family as a slave to serve while they were on the island. Storm Experience Richard tried to convince Mille to move his family and slaves into a stable building with sturdy, […]

John Muggah

Died 1812 – 1856 Saint Martinville, Louisiana Background Son of James Milne Muggah, a Scottish immigrant, and Julianna Robbins. The family, including sons John, Henry and David R. lived in Patterson in St. Mary Parish. John was married to Mary A. Patterson and had two sons, Edward and Frances. Job/Occupation Muggah was a businessman/merchant. He […]

Cyprien August Barrilleaux

Died 1825 – 1856 Plattenville, Louisiana Background Son of Francois Barrilleau from France. C.A. was living with his father and siblings in Assumption Parish in 1850 where his father’s real estate was worth $35,000 in 1850 ($1.17 million in 2020 dollars), according to the 1850 US Census. Job/Occupation Justice of the Peace. Storm Experience In […]

Dr. Thomas Bryan Pugh

Survived 1853 – 1952 born at Woodlawn Plantation, Napoleonville, Louisiana Background Dr. Thomas Bryan Pugh was born and raised on Woodlawn plantation. His parents, Colonel William Whitmel (W.W.) Pugh (1811 – 1906) and his wife Josephine Nicholls (1820 – 1868), lived at Woodlawn Plantation, “a classical columned, three-stories palace on the bayou,” near Napoleonville, “with […]

A Resort is Born

By Michael Gros Brand & Visual Editor “Five years ago Last Island boasted only a few fisherman’s huts – its beach served the useful purpose of drying fishermen’s nets. Today it has a fine hotel, and more than twenty commodions private residences, all occupied during the summer: its beautiful beach, twenty-one miles in length, smooth […]

The Island Oasis

the wildlife Wildlife flourished along the coast of Louisiana, especially around the barrier islands. This abundance is part of what drew people to the island to establish the resort. in the ocean White Shrimp Speckled Trout Southern Flounder Red Drum Pompano Brown Shrimp Red Snapper Amercian Oyster Blue Crab in the air Wood Duck Mallard […]

The Lost Bayou: Isle Dernière

by Payton Suire Managing Editor At one time, Louisiana’s coast was a white, sandy beach and blue-water destination. An oasis for the rich and powerful sugar planters. But the beauty of this paradise and the wealth of its visitors provided no protection from the deadliest storm to hit Louisiana’s coast. This unnamed storm that erased […]