The Lost Bayou: Chitlin Circuit

sarah kraemer features editor The 1930s to the 1960s were the height of blues, jazz, R&B and rock ‘n’ roll music. It was also the height of Jim Crow segregation in the South. In a time when Black musicians could not perform at popular, career-making venues, these musicians had to find unique ways to play […]

The Lost Bayou: Youth Culture

Jordyn Voisin Features Editor For the more than 900,000 teenagers and young adults in South Louisiana’s Bayou Region, much of the thriving youth culture scene of past decades has disappeared. Bars, clubs, entertainment, and hangouts are now few and far between. “My friends and I would always go to the skating rink for lock-ins to […]

The Lost Bayou: Ida, One Year Later

By Alexis Casnave, Features Editor It’s been one year since Hurricane Ida changed the lives of those living in the Bayou Region of Southeast Louisiana; and while progress has been made, the rebuilding is not over. “As bad as this was and as harmful as it was to our homes and businesses, we are still […]

The Lost Bayou: Grand Isle

By Jonathan Eastwood & Kristen Rodrigue, Features Editor & Managing Editor What was once one of Louisiana’s most popular island oases, Grand Isle now lies in shambles — homes destroyed, businesses in ruins and lives changed forever. “It was tragic – so shocking, I still have no words,” says long-time Grand Isle vacationer Gregory Autin. […]

The Lost Bayou: Hurricane Ida

By Dex Duet & Mikaela Chiasson-Knight, Features Editor & Managing Editor Hurricane Ida, one of the costliest tropical cyclones on record, left a path of destruction from the Gulf Coast to the Northeastern United States, but it hit the Bayou Region of Southeast Louisiana first and hardest. “The only word I can use to describe […]

The Lost Bayou: The United Houma Nation

By Jade Williams & Addie Wetzel, Features Editor & Managing Editor Before gumbo, Zydeco and the multicultural influences that shaped today’s modern South Louisiana culture, the people of the United Houma Nation inhabited this land and nearby regions. One of the many native peoples, their rich culture influenced many aspects of the bayou region today. […]

The Lost Bayou: Isle Dernière

by Payton Suire Managing Editor At one time, Louisiana’s coast was a white, sandy beach and blue-water destination. An oasis for the rich and powerful sugar planters. But the beauty of this paradise and the wealth of its visitors provided no protection from the deadliest storm to hit Louisiana’s coast. This unnamed storm that erased […]

The Lost Bayou: Grand Bayou

by Lauryn Madere & Shaun Breaux, Managing Editor & Features Editor A community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. It’s where people grow up, where they learn who they are. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, neighbors and even classmates are some of the […]

A Drop of Red // Nicholls State University’s Students, Alumni and Community

by Daniel Benitez & Erik Koike, Managing Editor & Features Editor It starts with a drop of ink, spreading and growing. The red and gray Colonels of Nicholls State University are growing too, this year being named the top regional university in Louisiana by the U.S. News & World Report in September 2019. “For U.S […]

Living Local // Experiencing Louisiana’s Bayou

by Al Wilson & Trevor Johnson, Managing Editor & Features Editor Grandma says it starts with the roux, the base. The caramel colored goodness which is the beginning of all Cajun cooking. “Stir it low and slow,” she chides. It takes time and variety to make a good pot of gumbo — just like the […]