Bayou Currents // The Region’s Most Influential Resource

by Kathleen Rodrigue, features editor Water. Locals along the South Louisiana coast, couldn’t escape it if they tried. Bayous, lakes and the Gulf of Mexico physically surround the region. Water is so common that residents, without even paying attention, cross bodies of water every day and use bayous and rivers to describe where they’re headed, […]

Bon Moment // Let the Good Times Roll on the Bayou

by Hannah Carlos & Mallory Matherne, co-features editors There’s a reason people from South Louisiana love the saying “Laissez les bons temps rouler.” Down in the Bayou Region, the locals always let the good times roll. And if asked what makes up the heart of the Bayou Region, locals all give a different story. Misty […]

From the Ground Up // Work in the Bayou Region

by Taylor Gautreaux, Co-Features Editor Workers in the Bayou Region of Louisiana can be described with one word: innovative. “When people say Cajun ingenuity, it’s truly a thing that people don’t quite understand,” says Cody Blanchard, chairman of the Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce. “It means that we find solutions for things. For example, we are […]

Geaux Girl // The Women of Bayou Country

Ana Pizzolio, Asst. Executive Editor, & Jessica Taylor, Features Editor In every time and place throughout history, women have played a major role in life and culture. Especially at this time in history, when women are coming together so visibly, Garde Voir Ci is taking a look at the women of the Bayou region — […]

Louisiana Festivals // Off The Beaten Path

Previous Next by Ana Pizzolio, Features Editor Every semester, the staff at Garde Voir Ci takes a look at different aspects of SOUTH LOUISIANA’S UNIQUE culture, places and people. The Fall 2016 issue will showcase a selection of offbeat festivals that represent the ultimate South Louisiana experience — celebrations of our culture beyond the nationally […]

Fresh, Local Food // A South Louisiana Movement

by Betsy Davis, Features Editor More and more people are demanding FRESH, LOCAL AND HOMEGROWN GOODS from the communities they live in, and Louisiana is responding. Farmers markets are on the rise, community gardens are sprouting up and businesses are staying true to their southern roots and all of the natural ingredients it has to […]

St. Joseph Manor // A Place Where History Speaks

ST. JOSEPH MANOR is a peaceful place. A place where seniors can live in comfortable apartments, have meals prepared, socialize when they like and even impress their neighbors with festive door decorations.Celebrating its 20th anniversary this month, the retirement community is so popular they are currently expanding the original 56-unit complex to include more apartments […]